Things I Love Thursday

Pumpkins <3 Getting in the Halloween spirit. Yay to skulls everywhere, spooky movies and pumpkin carving. Me and my sister decided to carve pumpkins for the first time ever yesterday. I think they came out pretty well! Mines the one on the right, I took my inspiration from Jack Skellington. It was super fun but the insides felt freaking gross! on the plus side my hands feel really smooth and lovely today.

<3 Spending quality time with my family.

<3 My relaxing bath with a Lush Sex Bomb bath bomb followed by pizza, tiramisu and movies.

<3 Seeing an essay question and instantly being inspired.

<3 Actually feeling rested when I wake up.

<3 Cinema dates with Oli.

<3 Drinking ALL the tea to warm up.

<3 Never leaving the house without something fabulous from Crown and Glory on my head

<3 Finding a pretty dusky pink lace top in a sale. It makes me feel like a fairy. Oh and it has sequins!

<3 Getting a head start on Christmas shopping. I have no idea why I’m so enthusiastic so early on, but I’m loving it!


Things I Love Thursday



<3 Getting this adorable cat headscarf in a Glitterati swap. Look how sweet the little cat heads are!

<3 The joy of putting together fun outfits

<3 Hanging out in the Stannary with friends

<3 Enjoyable lectures

<3 Coffee and hot chocolate on cold days

<3 Free booze courtesy of the English department at Uni

<3 Making new wonderful friends

<3 Oli buying me food when I can’t be bothered to cook

<3 Falafels

<3 Rattler cider

<3 Glitter

<3 Writing in pink fine liner pen

<3 Realising I’ve almost got through one note book in only 5 weeks

<3 Surprise visits from my sister

<3 Long lunch dates with my Mum

<3 Nana buying me Snow Fairy from Lush

I hope you have all had a fabulous week and have a fabulous next week!


Outfit Of The Day- Windswept On The Beach


As you may have seen in my last blog post me and Oli went on a little outing to the beach the other day. As it’s October the Cornish sun is fading and the coldness is creeping in. I’m embracing it this year by snuggling up in print sweatshirts and funky scarves.


Unicorn Sweatshirt- H&M, Turquoise and Pink Print Dress- Primark, Black Leggings- Primark, Pink and White Shoes- Newlook, My Little Pony Bag- Primark, Pink, Turquoise and Yellow Cat Print Scarf- Just Like This in Falmouth, Black Floral Headband- Crown and Glory.


Most of these pieces are pretty new so I’m still in that mode where you’re super excited to wear things. I have been wearing the sweatshirt and scarf with everything lately. They are both just so cute and snuggley! The awesome headband came in October’s Crown and Glory Glitterati box and I am absolutely loving it. It makes me feel like a dark fairy princess. It will also help disguise my roots when they start coming through which is always a bonus!


Check out my hair action! I’m planning on doing more frequent outfit posts in the future so let me know what you like about this one in the comments.


Introducing Falmouth- Swanpool Beach & Cafe



And so it begins! I have decided to start this series with a place very near my house. Swanpool is my favourite place to go when I just need to get away from it all. Swanpool itself is a beautiful lake full of ducks and swans. Right next to the lake is a mini golf course which is always fun. Across the road from that is Swanpool Beach. It’s not massive and is a bit pebbly meaning it tends to be quiet, especially on a grey day like today.

At the top of the beach sits Swanpool Beach Cafe. During the day they serve lots of yummy things to nibble on including delirious ciabattas, filled jacket potatoes and home made cakes. I love having a cheesy garlic ciabatta and a Belgium hot chocolate followed by one of their amazing quirky ice creams. They are so massive and so good! You get two scoops of Cornish ice cream topped with clotted cream and the topping of your choice from the list. I love “Monkey Business” and “Caribbean Kiss”, on nom nom! You can choose to eat your food up on the decking under a huge parasol or out in the open on one of the many benches on the sand.



dsc05839dsc05842dsc05845dsc05861dsc05869dsc05874 And lets end on a silly selfie because life is about having fun!



Things I Love Thursday

Another week has been and gone and I have eaten way too many burritos! Oli is actually on his way to buy some now.

Fotor01016204243 <3 Wearing Crown and Glory everywhere! I wore my little devil horns to be the “clean demon” while cleaning the kitchen.

<3 Finally having my lovely colourful hair back! Yay! I feel like myself again.

<3 Burritos FOREVER.

<3 Reading lovely blog posts.

<3 Doing the food shop, I don’t know why but I really love it.

<3 Going for a lovely walk along the beaches with Oli on Saturday, We hung out with the ducks for quite a while which always makes me happy.

<3 Getting some new wool from Deramores to knit Christmas presents, so organised this year.

screenshot 2014-10-13 at 22.36.30


<3 Chatting with Taylor and Saskia on Google Hangouts, makes me miss them a wee bit less. Saskia (circled) got stuck on my screen with this expression for ages, it was soooo funny!

<3 Getting back into using Twitter, I’m @emempinkypie

Right I need to go and do some last minute work before tomorrows seminars so I will talk to you guys soon! I am planning to get out and take some photos for my “Introducing Falmouth” feature over the weekend so watch this space.




Introducing Falmouth

I feel a new blog feature coming on! After being inspired by Emily Fisher over at Mermaid Gossip I have decided to start a series of posts about the awesomeness of Falmouth! I will be including my favourite shops, restaurants, bars, places to go, things to do… well anything I love about Falmouth really.

For any of you who don’t know, Falmouth is a town in Cornwall, England. The town has a rich history, Pendennis Castle has been protecting the River Fal since 1545, it still stands today and is amazing to look around. It was not only used in Tudor times but was also a barracks during both world wars.  Falmouth was a packet station from 1688- 1851 meaning mail from around the world came into England though here, so it was pretty important! It is also home to the worlds third largest natural harbour and the UK’s largest ship repairers! Falmouth University helps inject a youthful, artistic vibe to the town. It’s also a godsend for locals like me who don’t want to move far away for University.

I have lived here my whole life and am very proud of my town. It is a truly beautiful place with lots to offer but not enough people know about it. I’m going to try to bring you guys a new post about Falmouth every week, including photos and maybe even mini interviews with shop owners!

I thought I would kick it off with some photos I have taken over the years around the town.












Now this last shot is a bit of a throw back. I had to include this because it is of my absolute favourite place in Falmouth- Swanpool. I like to come and stand in this spot when I am stressed or upset because something about the calmness of the water just makes everything feel much better. I love hanging out with the ducks too, they make me super happy! You can’t really tell but this was way back when my hair was super short and I lived in my combat boots. DSCF0101


I hope you like my photos and are excited for my upcoming Falmouth series! I’m not sure what day of the week they will be going up yet but hopefully I will be able to keep it regular.


Things I Love Thursday

I have had a busy but good week full of uni, partying and yummy food! Annoyingly I am once again ill. Damn you freshers flu, you are only meant to hit once! However I have a lot to be grateful for so here goes.


<3 Yummy cocktails on Oli’s birthday outing

<3 Dressing up like a kitty

<3 Soy caramel macchiatos- heaven

<3 Baking brownies

<3 Blogging my little heart out

<3 Finally getting around to bleaching my roots (I will be re-pinking it at the weekend)


<3 Feeling like a flower fairy

<3 Playing around with photo collages

<3 Selfies to the max

<3 Oli liking his birthday presents, so glad he had a nice day

<3 Oli going into town to buy me a burrito this evening because I felt too poopy to cook

<3 My October Glitterati box arriving and being freaking awesome

<3 Getting all snuggled up in layers to combat the cold

<3 Warm morning showers

This really had been a great week! Now onwards with positivity- illness will not get the better of me!