Things I Love Thursday

Gratitude is so important especially when you have been feeling a bit down. I find writing this weekly list really helps put things into perspective and reminds me that life can be freaking awesome!


<3 Feeling super cute the other day wearing my new Crown and Glory glitter cat ears

<3 My 20th Birthday, I had a blast

<3 The Claire’s sale (squee!)

<3 Sonera saying that I “always look so nice”

<3 Oli always being there for me and making me smile

<3 My odd but delicious dinner the other night- rice, sweet chilli sauce, onions and 2 spicy bean burgers. Nom

<3 Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans

<3 Pre-uni drinks with my friends

<3 Sunny weather right into September

<3 The last super moon of the year

<3 Taking photos and making videos for my blog

<3 Prince being in the latest episode of New Girl

<3 This weeks episode of The Great British Bake Off! It totally made up for the baked alaska drama

<3 Playing spin the bottle/truth or dare

Next week I will be coming at you with new uni course awesomeness!


Well I’ve survived 20 years!

I am now a 20 year old! Woooo! It was my birthday on Friday the 5th and I had a blast of a day. I started the day with presents and kisses in bed with my lovely boyfriend before being whisked off to Swanpool beach for a spot of lunch. Their ciabattas are so delicious, I could eat one everyday. I also had one of their famous, massive icecreams. I opted for the “Monkey Business” which consists of two scoops of vanilla icecream, clotted cream and chocolate coated dried banana all balanced on a cone. Nom!


I then wandered to my Mum’s house to see her, my Sister and Nana. They greeted me by singing happy birthday then gave me some awesome cards and gifts. I chilled there for a bit before heading home. My super wonderful housemates surprised me by decorating the living room with floaty scarves and birthday banners. Sonera also made me a pink cake adorned with chocolate cats!


Check out all of this cake! The pink one was made by Sonera, the brownie type one was made by Saskia and the lovely marble cake was made by my cousin Lewis. I was so spoilt for choice!

On to the evening! All my friends came round and bombarded me with more heartfelt gifts before we headed upstairs to parrrrrttty! We played a bunch of drinking games which resulted in Oli declaring his love to one of the neighbours and Saskia sticking her hand in our wormery! All in the name of dares of course. We then headed into town the dance the night away! We had the club pretty much all to ourselves which was kinda weird but also freaking cool because we could be total oddballs without being judged.

photovisi-download (5)

Now I thought it would be nice to show you guys my presents! It’s also a nice way for me to say thank you to everyone who came to my party and everyone who gave me presents. I love you all so much and am so happy to have you in my life.

photovisi-download (6)

Firstly my tattoo! I got this a few days before my birthday but it was paid for with birthday money from my Mum, Nana, Oli, Beth, Lowri and my Dad. I love it so much! The art work is by Bei Badgirl and tattooed by the fabulous Josie at Shaded Lady in Falmouth.

photovisi-download (7)






And finally here’s a video of my bumper Claires haul I got using a voucher from my Uncle and his family. Sorry if it’s a bit sticky in places, my webcam was being odd.

I had a lovely day and hope to have a lovely year! Again that you to everyone who made my day special, sorry I haven’t mentioned you all by name.



Things I love Thursday

Well this is my last gratitude list as a teenager, eeeek! Tomorrow at about 2pm I turn 20 and I am really excited. I was really scared about my birthday at the start of the summer, I even wrote a kind of bucket list of things to do before hand (which I haven’t at all completed). However I have come to realise that it’s not such a big deal. Ageing is unavoidable however growing up is most definitely optional. I am wearing a dress covered in teddy bears, ponies and rainbows tomorrow to prove just that point!10626595_923192454360256_3668808991202940485_n


<3 My latest inky addition. This merbitch by Bei Badgirl with merkitties and a fabulous seahorse. It’s a wee bit sore still but I am so happy with it! She is so badass and I love that about her.

<3 Popping round to my Uncles tonight to pick up my birthday card and being surprised
with a cake baked by my cousin! One birthday cake and it’s not even my birthday yet. So excited for tomorrow

<3 Sarah treating me to a curry

<3 The Krispy Kreme doughnut Jenny brought me

<3  After having to eat my dinner with just my left hand I have a new found appreciation for the use of both of my hands

<3 Watching Dr Who with my wonderful housemates

Screenshot 2014-09-01 at 14.15.21

<3 Reaching 1000 views on my blog! It really made my day

<3 Receiving wonderful comments on my blog

<3 Officially enrolling in my new uni course

<3 Lady Susan by Jane Austen, I read it all in one sitting and really, really enjoyed it

<3 Drinking out of my new Kilner jar/glass/mug (?) it’s so cute

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I look forward to sharing my birthday fun with you.




Personal Manifesto

I believe that writing something down makes it real. It takes it from the realms of abstract and places it firmly in the here and now. So I decided to write down my personal manifesto and put it out into the world.


Physically writing this down really reaffirmed what I believe in and the things I need to do more of to keep myself happy and positive. In the past I have taken life way too seriously and not given myself time to enjoy the fun, simple and beautiful things. This list very much focuses on me and loving myself. I am working on putting myself first because then I will be in a happy positive state to help others. There are so many other things I could add to this list but I will leave them for another day.

Maybe try writing your own manifesto, I would love to read it :-)

Internetty bits and bobs

Wow, I can’t believe August is over. It has really flown by. I’ve been getting in the mood for uni by buying new stationary and attempting to read my books. No month is complete without my round up of goodness from around the internet. Settle down with a cuppa and enjoy!

<3 Phoebe Buffay was my favourite character from friends so I was delighted when I found this list of her greatest lines.

<3 Have you ever wondered what a corner shop filled with felt goods would look like? Neither had I but this artist clearly has and decided to make it a reality! 

<3 I think this is an incredibly clever idea- How a password changed my life 

<3 This wedding is so colourful and fun a beautiful, it fills me with joy

<3 Lot’s of UK stores embrace this idea in there value ranges however I think this way of marketing misshapen veggies takes the biscuit.

<3 Upcycling is always great and these thrift store paintings really gained a new lease of life through it

<3 Cher is hilarious on Twitter, just check this list out

<3 Baby crying? Here’s a musical solution

<3 Beaches are pretty magical as is but these beaches take it to a whole new level

<3 Colourful wedding dresses really add individuality to the day, be inspired through these beautiful examples

<3 This website is so cute! You can “adopt” a toy cat who is based on a real rescue cat and half of your purchase price goes to cat shelters.

<3 There are so many body types women can have but they are rarely seen in the media. I found a wonderful, honest collection of photos of women owning their bodies and being proud to bare all!

<3 I see a bit of a wedding theme… oooops! Eclectic, vintage and bric a brac themed- what’t not to love?

<3 A magical interview with my fave blogging babe Gala Darling

<3 Owl Babies was one of my favourite books as a child so when I came across an animated version I was transported right back

<3 I came across Tom Fletcher’s (from Mcfly) wedding speech the other day and it is so freaking romantic and funny and amazing. It made me cry happy tears

Sorry about the abundance of wedding type links, apparently I have been in a very romantic mood this month.

Toodles for now.

Loving Myself

At the beginning of the summer I decided to treat myself by buying Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Bible School. It’s a wonderful 12 week course that helps you create an art journal bursting with positivity. Each week you get an email with prompts for your bible which you can expand on and play around with however you want. You can also work though the course at your own pace, meaning there’s no pressure.

I have not always loved myself. During the first few months of this year I was pretty harsh on myself. I was not happy on the course I was on, I wasn’t happy with how I was acting, I spent day’s locked in my room alone. I was eating terribly and gained some weight. I wasn’t looking after myself at all. I slowly realised with the help of my family and friends that I could escape this hole of doom I had been slowly sinking into.

I made the decision to change course (which I have written about here) and from that moment on I started climbing out. I knew that moving out of halls would help massively because although I loved my flatmates with all my heart, I had created a room full of negative energy and I needed out. So I decided to sign up for the course at the same time as I moved into my new house. A fresh new start meant I could start loving myself again.

Although I haven’t done as much of my Radical Self Love Bible as I would have liked to by this point I am still happy with it. I have been out have been out having fun with friends a lot, which is an equally positive way to spend my time.

I want to share some of the pages from my bible with you- I hope you enjoy them and they inspire you to get creative and love yourself!


My cover page. I am so in love with this hot pink glitter glue, I need to get more soon! Pretty much all of my collages are made using pages from Company Magazine.

SONY DSC“I dedicate this book to fun! Life is full of joy, excitement and adventures. Being silly, having a blast and not caring what other people think= rad!!!”


“Sad to Rad. Things to do to turn that frown upside down: <3 Bake a microwave mug cake <3 Go for a walk <3 Listen to “My Rollercoaster”  <3 Put on a pretty colourful dress <3 Wear cat ears <3 Hang out with some ducks <3 Take a long shower then cover yourself in lovely body butter”

SONY DSCThis page is about my greatest love affair! “Pink! (is my favourite crayon) My love affair with the colour pink started just before prom when I accidentally dyed my hair pink. Turns out I love it pink. Since then I have never looked back. Pink is such a happy, positive colour. It’s passion, love, fun & excitement. I feel like myself with pink hair, my true self. One of my favourite things about pink hair is the reactions people have to it, mainly young children- it brings them so much joy!”


What style means to me. “Style to me is all about expressing myself. I love to wear 50’s style dresses with odd little touches like cat necklaces and skulls on everything. I love the juxtapositions of my personal style- vintage, feminine, floral dresses contrasted with skulls and tattoos. I love my pink and blue mermaid locks and they never fail to give my confidence. I put no boundaries on myself and dress to make me happy. It’s amazing what a dress and some lippy can do!”

I hope you enjoyed seeing inside my ongoing Radical Self Love Bible. I will update you when I have worked on it a bit more. Shout out to my lovely mum because I used a blanket she crocheted out of my baby clothes as a backdrop for these photos. Here’s a link to her craft blog: Purple Rose Emporium.

Toodles for now!



Things I love Thursday


(ootd- Crop top- New Look, Skirt- Top Shop, moonstone necklace- a spiritual fair a few years ago)

Hello wonderful people! Sorry for the lack of content this week! I am working on a blog post about something very important to me but I don’t feel quite ready to share it yet. Here goes:

<3 Wearing crop tops! I always used to feel I was too big to wear crop tops. I am a UK size 12-14, although more of a 14 lately, and I thought that crop tops only looked good on people smaller than I. But one day I came across this Tumblr- Fat babes in crop tops and I was instantly inspired. The site is run by a body positive woman who realised she could wear whatever the hell she wanted. My new summer uniform has become crop tops and high waisted skirts and I feel freaking fabulous!

<3 My lovely new uni bag

<3 Ordering books for uni

<3 Lovely long showers- one of my favourite ways to show myself radical self love

<3 Rupaul’s Drag Race

<3 Signing up for the Glitterati! I am so excited because not only do I get a lovely surprise box full of hair goodies I get an extra special one as it’s my birthday month. It’s my 20th birthday present to myself.

<3 Gala Darling featuring my 5 things I am grateful for today in her things I love Thursday! It’s such an honour because Gala is such a massive inspiration to me- I mean she’s the main reason I keep up my blog and make these gratitude posts.

Screenshot 2014-08-28 at 23.43.02


<3 Getting super excited for my upcoming tattoos! I will share them both with you when they are done.

<3 The birthday excitement really kicking in as people keep telling me that they have found perfect presents for me.

<3 Cornwall Pride was, as always, fabulous! The day was lovely and sunny, surrounded by friends in Victoria Gardens. Then on to the evening where we watched our friend do an awesome Lady Gaga inspired drag act. His a cappella version of “Born this way” brought a tear to my eye. I had a wonderful day being proud!

photovisi-download (4)